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Today's world requires everyone to be mobile. With every move, come new challenges. The most challenging of which is to find a place to live. Be it renting or buying, hearing it all from the horse's mouth helps you make an informed decision. A new locality/city/neighbourhood, wherever your journey takes you, we have you covered in terms of providing you an unbiased opinion to help you zero in on a place you could call home.

We bring to you a platform for the people, by the people where potential buyers and tenants can reflect upon the experience of existing residents of an apartment or villa or paying guest accommodation or holiday rental, before they buy or rent ­ Presenting the 'Apartment Mirror'!

We wish to change the face of the property market and our mission is to bring about a standardisation in the realty scenario, with our platform. We welcome unprejudiced and genuine reviews from property owners and tenants.

Apartment Mirror collects & analyses reviews from the first hand users. It helps the serious people to get an second opinion from others experience and lessons learned, to ensure they can have peace of mind and confident on the builder/owner. It is a win win for both the parties by clarifying the misconceptions and addressing the issues in a more professional manner. This creates confidence and trust to move forward for a new property investment or repeat business.Our aim is to bridge the gaps and create healthy relationship.

Realm of your investment opportunity

We have not just conceived the apartment mirror as a reflection platform for users of the real estate industry but are bringing to life a bigger potential in the market of opinions. Your investment will be the key ingredient in our recipe to satisfy the needs of a diverse market ­ consumer durable, administration services, financial services, healthcare, you name it! With the growing awareness of today's consumer, the thirst for knowledge and expert opinions is yet to be quenched. The reflection platform we have on offer is a plug and play model that can be utilised across industries where genuine, unbiased, experience ­based views can be aired for the greater benefit of consumers and producers alike. Unlike other platforms this is more about the reputation handled with a proper process in action.

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